Honesty, integrity, loyalty, experience and dedication are the cornerstones of Global Sports Management Group. Our primary focus is on you and your family. We will assist you in managing your career and life, maximizing earning potential and preparing you and your family for what lies in the future. Simply put, we want to ensure that nothing comes in the way of you achieving your personal and professional goals, by providing the opportunity for you and your family to be financially secure for the rest of your lives.

We specialize in the following areas:

Contract Negotiations:

GSMG has negotiated millions of dollars in contracts for its football and baseball players over the past 6 years.
Specifically in football, we have negotiated NFL, CFL, UFL, AFL and oversea professional football contracts.
Regardless of the type of contract, we negotiate all contacts in an attempt to obtain the best contract terms possible.
We do this by monitoring recent signings, analyzing relevant past contracts, and conferring with the player personnel and representatives to
maximize the terms of a player’s contract, including signing bonus, base salary and any other compensation alternatives.

Draft Preparation:

Whether a first round pick or a potential priority free agent we can provide assistance to help you be your best.
Before combines and pro-days we will make available personal trainers to train you. Additionally, we will make available nutritionists, sports psychologists, massage therapist/physical therapists and position coaches to assist you in your preparation for the combine and/or pro-day. During this time you will also benefit from our aggressive marketing style, where we endeavor to be in direct and frequent contact with the team personnel and General Managers to have the most positive effect on your draft position or free agent signing.

Other Services Available:

The needs of professional athletes are varied and unpredictable. GSMG can assist you with tax planning and financial planning,
endorsements and promotions, a variety of legal services as well as post career counseling. We have numerous contacts with a variety of fashion and apparel sponsors that may provide you with a variety of endorsements/sponsorship opportunities both before and after the draft.